My Life With a Westie
     by Irena Whitfield

Short Stories from the Real Westie World &
True Manual to the Westie World

the Book contains:

  • Real life short stories

  • How-to Practical Manual helping you keep your westie healthy and happy for long years living with you as a member of your family

  • Answers to crucial questions I receive from both people having a west highland white terrer and people planning to get one PLUS

  • Useful resources.

My Life With A Westie West Highland White Terriers become more and more popular among people looking for a dog friend. The reasons are several and quite obvious. Westies are very attractive and seem to be easy to live with.

However, there are several major pitfalls threatening their lives if you don't have the right information on how to treat them well. They're quite delicate and many people lose their friend unnecessarily because they simply didn't know whether a westie was the right dog for them and whether they were the right owners for a westie.

At first I started this Book for entertainment only but later I decided to include a proper manual and answers to most frequent and practical questions I receive from many people since I opened this site.

I should admit that I myself received my Drixi and didn't know a proper thing about westies. I had to learn everything the hard way. It's pure luck I managed to learn on time and Drixi survived. I don't recommend to immitate my way. It's much better to learn before you acquire a westie.

I hate to scare you but you wouldn't believe how many dogs around us die just because their owners didn't know what they should about their friends.

With my book you get all the vital information to prevent such an unnecessary loss and sorrow.

So, my Book serves to 2 main purposes:

  • to entertain and show you what fun your life can be if you have a westie.
  • to tell you all that's necessary to know to secure your westie a safe and healthy life in your family.

See what you get:

  • 32 Real Life Short Stories:
    • How It All Started
    • 0. Drixi is 5 weeks old
    • 1. Drixi's on the Run
    • 2. Drixi Loves Hooving
    • 3. Drixi Buys His Bed
    • 4. Drixi's Gift
    • 5. Drixi's Watching the Fridge
    • 6. Drixi's Poisoned
    • 7. Drixi's Mushrooming
    • 8. Drixi's New Cut
    • 9. Drixi Loves Music
    • 10. Drixi's Growing
    • 11. Drixi's an Inspector
    • 12. Drixi's a Brilliant Thought Reader
    • 13. Drixi's Coming Home
    • 14. Drix Leaves Home
    • 15. Drixi Goes To Town
    • 16. Drixi's Seriously Ill
    • 17. Drixi And Ticks
    • 18. Drixi's Sailing
    • 19. Drixi's Great In Business
    • 20. Drixi's Injured
    • 21. Drixi, the Cats And the Other Animals
    • 22. Drixi Buys His Collar
    • 23. Drixi's Strategies
    • 24. What Drixi Loves
    • 25. What Drixi Hates
    • 26. Drixi And the Ants
    • 27. Drixi's a Monkey
    • 28. Drixi Wants a House
    • 29. Drixi's Ear Problems
    • 30. Drixi Loves Christmas
    • 31. Drixi's Daily Regime
    • 32. Drixi's Barking And Biting Habits

  • A Little Guide to the Westie World:
    • 15 Tips for a Happy Life With a Westie
    •   9 Snaps from Drixi's Life
    • 13 Things You Should Never Do
    • 16 Things You Should Do
    • 11 The Greatest Myths About Westies
    • 17 Quick Health Tips
    • 37 Most Frequent Questions and Answers
    • 24 Westie Resources

  • PLUS a special offer for westie owners

To listen to 3 Answers to Top 3 Questions
I receive about Westies
please click 'Play' below:

Important: The most frequent requests and questions I receive are related to dog biting, how to prevent it and how to train your westie not to bite. You can read more about the problem in my article 'How To Prevent Biting In Westies' by clicking here.

Who is Irena Whitfield? An Experienced Guide to the Westie World!
Irena Whitfield, westie sister I am a real world westie sister (he adopted me), living with a westie for over 15 years! I am not a professional vet but an experienced westie owner and everything I describe in my book happened to us. The advice, information and recommendations are proven and working. I also help other westie owners and can proudly say that I managed to save quite a many westie lives. Several vets consulted me for advice and one clinic even uses one of my methods as their official procedure if a dog is poisoned. Of course, every westie is different and you as the owner should know your dog the best and whenever you doubt, you should immediately consult your vet.

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Hi, Irena,
I am writing to tell you how very much I enjoyed reading "My Life With A Westie" book. It is well written and has been most helpful in learning about westie dogs and also just dogs in general.

And a word to your readers: I have known Irena for many years and she is a wonderful author and consultant. I think you will really enjoy purchasing and reading this book. I highly recommend it.

Judy Wentrcek

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